KaseMake CAD Design Software

KaseMake CAD Design Software
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Kasemake Packaging Design Software

KASEMAKE Packaging Design Software is the award winning packaging design CAD solution. Perfect for packaging and POS/POP design, it has everything you need right out of the box, including a comprehensive style library featuring over 600 designs including FEFCO, ECMA, FSDUs, dump bins and many more.

It features: unique 2D drafting tools; parametric FEFCO and ECMA style libraries; stunning 3D preview and animation capabilities; comprehensive exchange formats; easy design editing; integral database and project management. 

Used by thousands of designers across the world, KASEMAKE is considered the foremost packaging design software available whether you are designing for carton, or corrugated board. 

The design environment can be customised by any user. Tool bars can be configured to help the designer process projects more efficiently. Short cuts can be assigned to any given command also speeding the idea to screen process. Right mouse button context menus can be customised for specific tools, allowing certain commands that are in regular use quick and simple access. With this fully customisable environment, KASEMAKE helps to streamline the workflow giving the designer more creative time. 

Creation of designs is performed using any number of freehand and geometric drawing tools. These combined with powerful editing tools, allow the designer limitless flexibility

Import and export facilities allow KASEMAKE to interact with many other systems including AutoCAD and Illustrator. 


Kasemake Style Libraries

There are several libraries of standard designs included in the KASEMAKE Packaging Design Software. These are designs globally accepted within the packaging industry e.g. FEFCO for corrugated and ECMA for carton board. Other style libraries include Point Of Sale, folders and envelopes. KASEMAKE lets you view your drawing in 2D and then folded in 3D. 

Using a simple interface, internal sizes are entered along with the material profile. The parametric system then automatically generates a drawing, including specific tolerances for the style and material. This not only saves the designers time, but eliminates errors on common designs. 

Each new version of KASEMAKE packaging design software includes more standards. Designers can create their own parametrics for specific customers and begin to generate a custom library. Once created any person within the company can produce a drawing using these standards.

For Version 10 the Parametric Run Dialog has been redesigned to give the user a more visual and interactive experience, when browsing and selecting from the KASEMAKE Parametric design library. The preview is much larger and resizable, and there is also a new preview tab called 3D Interactive, which displays a three dimensional preview of the design. This preview can be rotated 360 degrees in any direction, and you can zoom in or out of the preview too.

Structural Design Board - A new section has been added to the parametric design library for use with thicker structural design board such as X board. There are designs for producing furniture and display units, which can be configured to produce a multitude of designs. These parametrics have been split into two types – those suitable for use with a straight cut, and ones for use on a table equipped with a V-Cut blade.



Kasemake 3D Modelling

The 3D function of KASEMAKE allows the designer to fold the design on screen for the following purposes:

Structural Assessment – Checking that the design makes up correctly, and that all panels align and fit without needing to make a physical sample.

Artwork Check – By importing artwork onto the design and then folding the structure, it is possible to check that the artwork has been generated correctly, and that images appear on the appropriate panels with correct orientation.

Sales Presentation - High resolution 3D stills can be created to give the customer an understanding of how the package will look. Animations can be recorded to see the design folding. Output formats include JPEG and AVI so any customer can view them without the need for specialist software.

During the folding process, a designer can take a series of ‘snap-shots’. These stills can then be combined and annotated to easily produce assembly diagrams.

An even more realistic appearance can be achieved with the use of a 3D environment. Create a virtual store or simply use a background image from a digital camera.



Kasemake Database

Included with the software is a Database. This is used to keep a record of all jobs created by the design team. Kept on a central server all designers have access to the entire repository. 

A powerful search facility incorporated in the database allows a user to search any field for a specific term, or use multiple criteria for more complex searches. For example, all jobs done for a specific customer in the last quarter. This automatically filters the information stored within the database, for printing statistical management reports or to find drawings.

Specification sheets for professional A4 printouts are easily designed using KASEMAKE software. Text within the specification sheet can be automatically filled in from the database. Similarly critical information from the drawing such as overall size, rule length, and so on, can be acquired automatically by the database.

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